Start kleb Sensitive Skincare 

startkleb sensitive skin treamtnets for skin that easily reddens and to dry

For delicate and sensitive skins, the blue line is dedicated to all those who have sensitive skin that easily reddens with a tendency to dry and to "light" This kind of skin characterised by being thin, with rosacea and naturally dry. Further more, is characterised by vascular fragility with superficial vasodilation phenomena.
Rice-based and with other selected components, is gentle on the skin and gradually reduces the sensitivity, thanks to multiple actions:


Start kleb Sensitive Skin Line actions:

RESTORING SERUM, Which protects againest weather this very thin skin type.

MOISTURISING, Which smoothes a skin often tight.

SOOTHING OR ANTI ROSACEA ACTION Due to an extraordinary concentration of anti redness ingredients.

Moisturing - Protective - Brightening The Start Kleb Blue Line

The blue line for sensitive skins, with a rice-based formula and other special ingredients; it is gentle on the skin and progressively reduces the level of sensitivity thanks to its sebum-restoring, moisturizing, soothing and anti-couperose actions. Thanks also to the action of the Glycyrrhetic Acid B-18 and Gamma Oryzanol this line also encourages epithelial regeneration and reinforces the skin’s natural defences, which makes it ideal when combined with wrinkle treatments.

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